Introducing the world-famous Mojito Cocktail

Here in the Cocktail Lab, we love most cocktails.... Our very very favorite is a June Bug. But more on that another day! After a recent holiday one of the team decided it was time we introduced the world-famous Mojito Cocktail to both our Cocktail Lab collection and spiced up our Ready Made Cocktail offer by stocking Poison Cocktails Mojito Box. 

The Mojito is a classic cocktail that originated in Cuba. It is a worldwide favorite summer holiday cocktail. Here is the low down on the Cuban special: 

It contains: White Rum the spirit that gives the Mojito its kick. Sugar (traditionally sugar cane juice) makes it sweet, Lime Juice for the zesty, citrus flavor, topped with Soda Water creates some fizzy crispness. Then the super special Mint, the star of the show! Herbaceous and refreshing. 

To make this supersonic Mojito Cocktail start by placing lime wedges, fresh mint leaves, and granulated sugar into a sturdy highball glass. Using a cocktail muddler gently mash the ingredients. Add a handful of ice to the glass, pour in white rum and top it off with soda water to taste and give it a good stir, garnish with a sprig of fresh mint. 

Why is the Mojito cocktail so good: Irresistibly fresh with the combination of mint and lime makes it incredibly refreshing. The rum adds punch and makes it perfect for those warmerdays. The mint elevates the flavor, making it more interesting. Sipping a Mojito feels like a tropical holiday in a glass! 

So next time you are craving that holiday feeling mix up a Mojito and let its flavors transport you to holiday times. 

Here at Cocktail Lab, we also do a keep it simple and easy great tasting Mojito Cocktail Kit Gift Box if you want to send a friend that holiday feeling!