Ultimate Whiskey Cocktail Gift Box

Cocktail Lab's Ultimate Whiskey Cocktail Gift Box kit comes in a beautiful black gift box and contains everything to make three sophisticated and wonderful Whiskey Bourbon cocktail flavours. 

Old Fashioned is a true vintage cocktail which depicts sophistication and allure. 

Manhattan is a classic cocktail from the 1880’s and Marilyn Monroe’s favourite tipple.

Godfather cocktail was made famous from being the favoured cocktail of Marlon Brando the original Godfather, Vito Corleone. In the Cocktail Lab we have given it a refresh adding Bourbon whiskey instead of Scotch to blend smoothly with the Disaronno.

Cocktail Lab Ultimate Whiskey Gift Box Kit contains:
1 x 50ml Woodford Reserve Bourbon
1 x 50ml Buffalo Trace Bourbon
1 x 50ml Sweet Vermouth
2 x 50ml Disaronno Amaretto Liqueur
2 x 50ml Jack Daniels Whiskey
2 x Bitters
2 x Just Lemon sachets
1 x Poison Cocktails Sugar Lumps
1 x Wooden Stirrer
1 x 25ml measure cup
2 x Paper Straws
1 x How to recipe card Old Fashioned
1 x How to recipe card Manhattan
1 x How to recipe card Godfather

Available from the Cocktail Lab website