Pre-Mixed Woo Woo Cocktail Box 5 Litre
Pre-Mixed Woo Woo Cocktail Box 5 Litre
Pre-Mixed Woo Woo Cocktail 5 litre box

Pre-Mixed Woo Woo Cocktail Box 5 Litre

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Woo Woo - The best ready made cocktail we do... comes in a Premium Cocktail Bag In Box with a tap

The amazing tasting Ready Made Woo Woo Cocktail in a 5 Litre Bag In Box. Perfect for all event and parties...  delivered to your door!

This 5 Litre Cocktail Box Serves - 40 Cocktails (125ml Glass Sizes)

• Simple and quick to serve over ice. Just add straw & serve...
• Poison cocktails delivered in less than 20 seconds
• Serve at room temperature over ice

Woo Woo (10% abv) - This is a true 80’s disco cocktail which is totally yummy! Tasting of premium Russian Vodka mixed with the sweetness of Peach Schnapps, and the tart of cranberry and citrus juices give this drink an amazing fresh taste!

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Poison Cocktails are made in a BRC accredited distillery in the Great British countryside.

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