Godfather Cocktail Kit Gift Box

Godfather is a fabulous Jack Daniels and Disaronno based cocktail. Made famous from being the favoured cocktail of Marlon Brando the original Godfather, Vito Corleone... In the Cocktail Lab we have given it a refresh adding Bourbon whiskey instead of Scotch to blend smoothly with the Disaronno.

Cocktail Lab now offers this great Godfather Cocktail as a cocktail kit that comes in a beautiful black gift box and contains everything required to make two wonderful Godfather cocktails. Tasty yet strong cocktails. 

Godfather Cocktail Lab Gift Box Kit contains:
2 x 50ml Disaronno Amaretto Liqueur
2 x 50ml Jack Daniels Whiskey
2 x Just Lemon sachets
1 x Wooden Stirrer
1 x 25ml measure cup
2 x Paper Straws
1 x How to make a Godfather cocktail recipe card 

Available now on the 'Cocktail Lab' website