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Inside Godfather Cocktail Lab Kit

Inside the 'Cocktail Lab' Godfather Cocktail Kit Gift Box - A 'Cocktail Lab' how to recipe card. Two Bottles of Disaronno Amaretto Liqueur, two bottles of Jack Daniels Whiskey, Just Lemon sachets. To make the mixing easy two Wooden Stirrer and a 25ml cocktail measure cup to make sure you get the cocktail portions correct. To make the finished cocktail taste even better. Two Paper Straws! And this Godfather cocktail kit comes in a beautiful black cocktail gift box. From the Cocktail Lab Website

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Godfather Cocktail Kit Gift Box

Godfather is a fabulous Jack Daniels and Disaronno based cocktail. Made famous from being the favoured cocktail of Marlon Brando the original Godfather, Vito Corleone... In the Cocktail Lab we have given it a refresh adding Bourbon whiskey instead of Scotch to blend smoothly with the Disaronno. Cocktail Lab now offers this great Godfather Cocktail as a cocktail kit that comes in a beautiful black gift box and contains everything required to make two wonderful Godfather cocktails. Tasty yet strong cocktails.  Godfather Cocktail Lab Gift Box Kit contains:2 x 50ml Disaronno Amaretto Liqueur2 x 50ml Jack Daniels Whiskey2 x Just Lemon sachets1 x Wooden Stirrer1 x 25ml measure cup2 x Paper Straws1 x How to make a Godfather cocktail recipe card  Available...

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