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Velvet Elvis Cocktail Kit Gift Box

Super cool Velvet Elvis Whiskey based cocktail kit comes in a beautiful black gift box and contains everything required to make two wonderful cocktails.  Named after the King himself... nice and easy to make using the Cocktail Lab kit and even easier to enjoy. Cocktail Lab Velvet Elvis Gift Box Kit contains:1 x 50ml Jack Daniels Whiskey1 x 50ml Chambord1 x 200ml Fever Tree Sicilian Lemon Tonic1 x Just Lime sachets2 x Paper Straws1 x Wooden Stirrer1 x Measure cup (25ml)1 x How to make a Velvet Elvis recipe card Available on the 'Cocktail Lab' Website

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Velvet Elvis & Godfather Cocktail Gift Box

This is a super cool Cocktail Gift Box Kit, with everything needed to make two super cool cocktails  the Velvet Elvis Whiskey based cocktail and the super smooth Don of all cocktails, the Godfather Whiskey based cocktail. This Velvet Elvis and Godfather Cocktail Gift Box kit comes in a beautiful black gift box. Velvet Elvis Cocktail - Named after the King himself this iconic cocktail is full of flavour and easy to drink hence velvet... With a mix of Jack Daniels Whiskey, Raspberry Chambord complimented by the tart lemon will have you swinging your hips like the big man himself in no time! Godfather Cocktail - This delicious cocktail was made famous and earned it’s name because it was the favoured drink of Marlon Brando the Don himself....

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