The mighty Mojito Cocktail

The Mojito Cocktail, some say born in Cuba.... It certainly gives you that tropical holiday taste and feel with its mix of Rum, Mint, lime and sugar. 

In mixologist circles it can create heated debate... Should it be made with White Rum or Dark Rum, should it be made with White Sugar or Brown Sugar! 

Whatever your theories on how it should be made, it's all in the taste and here at Cocktail Lab we've tried a few different Mojito Cocktails and lot's of different styles of Mojito's and nearly all of them have been great!

It's getting the sun to enjoy them under that can be trickier. 

The Mojito Cocktail isn't just one of our favorites, stories say it was also Ernest Hemingway's favorite drink!

So to the point here at Cocktail Lab we have created due to popular demand a fabulous Mojito Cocktail Kit which comes in a beautiful black gift box and contains everything required to make two wonderful Mojito cocktails. 

Just get the glasses and ice ready! 

View our new  - Mojito Cocktail Gift Box or our Mojito Cocktail Gift Bag