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Hugo Cocktail Kit Gift Box

The Hugo is a beautiful Gin based cocktail. Now available as a cocktail kit in a fabulous black cocktail gift box and contains everything required to make two of these wonderful Hugo cocktails.  Cocktail Lab Hugo Gift Box Kit contains:1 x 50ml Bombay Sapphire Gin1 x 200ml Prosecco1 x 50ml Elderflower Liqueur1 x 200ml Soda Water1 x Just Lemon sachets1 x Wooden Stirrer1 x Measure cup (25ml)1 x How to make a Hugo recipe card Available from the Cocktail Lab website

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Cosmopolitan Cocktail Kit Gift Box

Cosmopolitan would be Carrie Bradshaw’s perfect cocktail kit. The Cosmopolitan cocktail is a modern classic, made famous by the hit television program ‘Sex and the City’.  This fabulous Vodka based Cosmopolitan cocktail now comes as a Cocktail Lab Cosmopolitan cocktail kit in a beautiful black gift box and contains everything to make two wonderful Cosmopolitan cocktails.  Cosmopolitan Cocktail Lab Gift Box Kit contains:2 x 50ml Stolichnaya Vodka1 x 50ml Cointreau Triple Sec1x 200ml Britvic Cranberry Juice2 x Just Lime sachets1 x Wooden Stirrer1 x Measure cup (25ml)2 x Paper Straws1 x How to make a Cosmopolitan recipe card Available now on the 'Cocktail Lab' website.

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We love cocktails!

We love cocktails! And we’ve been making them professionally in different shapes and forms for many years. From cocktail bars, pop-up cocktail bars and most recently our own ready made cocktail brand ‘Poison Cocktails’. The first ready made cocktail in a jar which we officially launched in 2012. We wanted to create a drink that was fast to serve and tasted like a true premium cocktail, came in a jar, so all the drinker or server needed to do was add ice and shake! Voila! Poison Cocktails’ is a great product for fast enjoyable cocktail drinking and they all taste amazing too! This hasn’t stopped us from loving, enjoying and drinking cocktails made by Mixologists, at every possible opportunity… trying...

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