Woo Hoo it is a Woo Woo!!!

The Woo Woo cocktail is definitely a crowd-pleaser! We love it and at every event we do our cocktail drinker's love it! 

Its appeal lies in its simplicity, vibrant colour, and delicious taste. Here is why here at Cocktail Lab we considered it to be one of the most fun and enjoyable cocktails: 

Sweet and Fruity: The Woo Woo cocktail combines Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Lime and Cranberry juice. This blend creates a sweet and fruity flavor profile that many people enjoy. The sweetness from the Peach Schnapps balances well with the tartness of the Cranberry juice, making it easy to drink and pleasing to the palate. 

Bright and Colorful: The vibrant red of the Woo Woo cocktail adds to its appeal. It looks fun, fruity and inviting, making it perfect for parties, events, gatherings, or any occasion where you want to enjoy a visually appealing fun cocktail. 

Fun Vibe: Whether you are sipping a Woo Woo cocktail at a beach party, a nightclub, a Concert, or a casual get-together with friends, it is fun and has a festival vibe that can help set the mood for a fun time. It is a drink that encourages socialising and enjoying the moment. 

So, if you fancy an amazing tasting, colourful, fun cocktail. That is the perfect spring summer tipple. Then make it a Woo Woo!!!!  

Here at Cocktail Lab we offer the following Woo Woo Cocktail products: 

Cocktail Lab Woo Woo Cocktail Gift Kit 

We even offer a non alcoholic Woo Woo for those who love a cocktail but can't drink!

Mocktail Lab Zero Woo Woo Gift Box Kit