We love cocktails!

We love cocktails!

And we’ve been making them professionally in different shapes and forms for many years. From cocktail bars, pop-up cocktail bars and most recently our own ready made cocktail brand ‘Poison Cocktails’. The first ready made cocktail in a jar which we officially launched in 2012.

We wanted to create a drink that was fast to serve and tasted like a true premium cocktail, came in a jar, so all the drinker or server needed to do was add ice and shake! Voila! Poison Cocktails’ is a great product for fast enjoyable cocktail drinking and they all taste amazing too!

This hasn’t stopped us from loving, enjoying and drinking cocktails made by Mixologists, at every possible opportunity… trying new cocktail flavours and making our own up along the way. 

So still in the effort to make cocktail drinking easier, fun and most importantly special. We decided to make some quirky and fun classic cocktail kits for our customers to give as gifts. And this was the beginning of 'Cocktail Lab’, named after our compact office in which we run all our cocktail activities. It was important to us that every kit has everything in it to make a cocktail. All that is needed is ice and a glass!

After lots of fun creating our small range of ‘Cocktail Lab’ kits, we decided it was time to put these super cocktail kits into our luxury gift boxes. And make a cocktail gift box kits anybody would be proud to give as a present. And this small range of cocktail gift kits has grown, so it seems only fair that it’s time for the ‘Cocktail Lab’ to get its own home. So this it it a cocktail kit website that shows our passion for cocktails, we have only included cocktail gift kits that we love and as we discover, enjoy and try new cocktail flavours we will be adding more new and fun cocktail gifts. 

So we hope you will always be able to find a cocktail gift that suits the person you want to treat… And they enjoy a cocktail as much as we do!

Love from all at the Cocktail Lab x