WooHoo it's a WooWoo Cocktail

WooHoo! WooHoo! I'll have a WooWoo please!

This line is the most used by Cocktail Drinking customers at party events. Trust us we've done plenty of events from Concerts, Christmas parties, Wedding, Balls etc... And after a few drinks it's WooHoo!

And who wouldn't sing WooHoo after a WooWoo or two, a true 80’s disco cocktail which is totally yummy!

Our WooWoo Cocktails are made with Absolut Vodka mixed with the sweetness of Peach Liqueur, the tart of cranberry and citrus lime give this cocktail a taste which will have you dancing in the kitchen!

The Cocktail Lab Woo Woo Cocktail gift box kit comes in a nice black cocktail gift box with everything needed to make two large WooWoo cocktails.