Work Party, Work Social, Works do! Time to treat the clients or reward colleagues!

It's close to that 'Works do!' the 'Staff party!' time. The time some of the team love, some of the team cannot stand! Some are busy, some leave early... some of them even sneak off!

It’s also the time to wow clients, reward colleagues, thank others for a job well done, business to business gift time...

So we can Make it easy for you!

Whether you are all having it in the office or doing it remotely. Create an impact with our beautiful hand finished bespoke cocktail & mocktail gifts, which will dazzle the recipients and ensure that your gift leaves a lasting, fun and memorable impression.

For you we can even Bespoke Label your Cocktail & Mocktail Gifts

  • You can have our stylish gift boxes & gift bags bespoke labelled with your company branding 

Gift Messaging

  • A gift message can be included with each gift box
  • You can provide corporate letters for inclusion too


    • We can bulk deliver to one address or to multiple addresses within the UK mainland
    • You determine the speed of delivery 
    • We can normally work with quite short turnaround times

    If you are planning to send multiple cocktail or mocktail gift boxes and you already know what flavours you wish to send and to whom, but don't want the hassle of inputting them individually yourself...

    Then simply email the list and any gift message required over to Cocktail Lab and we will do the rest so the job becomes easier.